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Formerly of Orlando, FL( Conway ), Houston, TX( Clear Lake City / NASA ), Washington, DC( Washington, DC and Silver Spring, MD) , and Kalamazoo, MI

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Photo of  Rob's wife when she met Shaquille O'Neal in a Checkout Line

This is NOT Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, go to www.matchboxtwenty.com

Select the ticket for pictures from the Matchbox Twenty concert in Washington, DC when the "original" Rob of Orlando, Florida went to see the "imposter" Rob of Matchbox Twenty


Links to the original Rob Thomas from Orlando, Florida:

Favorite picture taken at Lake Conway by my father about 1978

Also, Rob at same location almost forty years later ( dock updated since '78 ) Oct 2017

Click thumbnail to enlarge(about 230k and 68k)

Photos from the Park, featuring the "original" Rob of Orlando(SE Conway), FL and his dogs "Smooth" and "Bent" (AKA Hellmutt and Zoe)

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